Tears Heart Church Down


What if slavery didn't exist and God's church was the reason?

Dedicate at your church to end slavery.

One Church. One Fight.

God’s plan to end slavery begins with God’s people. We invite Canadian churches to join the global movement of Freedom Sunday on September 23, 2018. Bring your influence, prayers and resources to the global fight to end slavery and help send rescue and freedom to every child, woman and man trapped in violence.

When you host Freedom Sunday, you will:

  • See the problem of injustice.

    Slavery still exists. With more than 40 million people in slavery today, more than the entire population of Canada, it's worse than ever.

  • Understand God’s heart to end it.

    Your church will learn what it looks like to “seek justice and defend the oppressed” in our world.

  • Join the fight.

    Invite your congregation to join IJM as Freedom Partners in the fight to end slavery—until all are free!


Watch highlights from last years' Freedom Sunday

What happens when you sign up?

  1. Enter your contact information

    Let us know you’re interested in hosting a Freedom Sunday.

  2. We’ll send you Freedom Sunday resources

    We’ll connect with you and get you the resources you need for Freedom Sunday – sermon ideas, videos, PowerPoint slides, posters, graphics and Freedom Partner packages

  3. Participate in Freedom Sunday

    Join the global church on September 23, 2018 in celebrating Freedom Sunday. Together, we can end slavery.

Hundreds of churches around the world are participating in Freedom Sunday. Is yours?